A sad day – Molly moves to her new home

Today is a bit of a sad day for us. Molly is our cat. We have lived with her for about 15 years now and she was a mature cat when we adopted her from the Knox County Cat Shelter. So we are pretty sure she is at least 18 years old.  We knew we could not take her with us to Sri Lanka and so looked for a kind person to adopt her. Molly’s angel appeared in the form of MM from Kris’ church. We decided that it was too much to ask someone to care for Molly for a year and then ask for her back after Molly had worked her way into their heart. So we all agreed that this was a permanent adoption and that MM was now Molly’s owner.

We moved Molly to her new home this morning. Molly started to explore and settle in rather quickly. She was delighted to discover a robin’s nest within 7 feet of a screened door. Molly has always been both curious and sociable. We once boarded her and her former housemate, Sasha, on one of our visits to the West Coast. Sasha never did adjust and was miserable the entire time, mewling pitiously and continually.  Sasha was so miserable that the cat boarder called us on the coast to see what could be done. Molly, on the other hand, slept with the boarders in their bed on the first night and loved playing with their puppy the entire time we were gone!

So it seems this time. We had to drop by MM’s later in the afternoon to drop off an item we had forgotten to bring and Molly was calmly snoozing on a chair in the living room. By now MM has fed Molly and her last concern about the move will be assuaged.

We will see if we fare as well. She was such a cheerful presence in our lives. She greeted us at the back door when we came home and at the kitchen door when we came down for breakfast. She had a delightful little dance that let us know not to forget that it was time for her breakfast and dinner. She had intelligent eyes that reassured us, that when we talked to her, she understood perfectly. She helped keep our blood-pressure under control by forcing us to sit still while she used our laps as warm sleeping spots. She loved TV. Not to watch it herself, but to use us as warm cushions while we watched. She was just a wonderful presence in our house and it will seem less of a home without her. Coming home in the evening will not be the same for quite a long time.



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