Wow. We seem to be experiencing a low point right now. We feel like our lives have never been so shaken. Our current plan calls for us to abandon our home in about one month and set out on an around the world trip. Yet at this point, we have no itinerary, no tickets, no visas. We have done a pretty good job of studying Sri Lanka, but we now have the opportunity to see so much more and have not prepared in the same way to take advantage of this possibility. Our heads are swimming with potentialities and yet worries about costs. Thanks to the American people and Kenyon College we have been given this wonderful gift, but it is almost overwhelming.

I had not anticipated this anxiety. Have we unknowingly become rootbound? Have our lives become so routinized that our bodies are reacting physically to the impending upheavals? We have scoffed at people who have described us as “brave” for what we are about to embark on. Are they more right than we knew? And, if so, are we brave enough to carry this through? And if we do, will we be better for having done it? Or just poorer?



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