Trip planning in progress

Kris has been finishing up final sewing projects. I have been trying to layout our travel plans.

We decided to get a so-called “round the world” airline ticket. This is the least expensive way to get airline tickets if you want to stop over at multiple destinations. The “catch” is that you really do have to go around the world, making one cross Atlantic flight and one cross Pacific flight in the process. It is not a “catch” in our case as we like this idea. The downside is that one has to pretty much sketch out all of our travel for the year. Shannon and I independently found a San Francisco-based company on the web that specializes in such tickets called “”. They have a well-designed web application that allows you to specify all the cities you want to stop in and then it gives you a price range for the tickets. One then has to speak to a representative to complete the booking.

We have pretty much completed the planning for a 15 day stay in China. We are using a Chinese company called “China Highlights.” They have been extremely responsive to our requests. More once it is booked.

Kris and I stopped by our local AAA office and looked at their travel brochures and collected the road maps we would need for our US travel. We found a brochure for a company that advertises tours in Vietnam. I was frustrated to learn when I called them for some help that they only deal with travel agents, not the public. Our pick for a travel agent at AAA is on vacation herself and will not be back until next Monday.

This is not as inconvenient as it might have been since Kris and I are traveling tomorrow to Washington, DC for the Fulbright orientation program. The program will be presented at the Renaissance Hotel through Friday. We are hopeful that we will be provided with much more detailed information that will help us finalize our plans.



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  1. November 25, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    […] in my case this is what I have to say in regard to my previous post. It turns out that I was unaware of certain limitations of airline tickets. In our case the most […]

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