We are committed now!

Well, we purchased our airline tickets for the outbound trip to Sri Lanka, so we have now made a substantial financial commitment to actually leaving the country. As noted before, we were waiting to make sure we will get our Sri Lankan entry visas before we leave the US. Since then, the State Department has given us our medical clearances, I have received my official grant documents, and the US – Sri Lankan Fulbright Commission has initiated the process of getting the government of Sri Lanka to begin the visa issuance process. With the wheels thus set in motion, we decided to go ahead and purchase the tickets before the prices skyrocketed.

So, our outbound itinerary is:

August 31 2:40PM Northwest Airlines Seattle -> Beijing via Tokyo, arrive September 1 at 9:35PM

September 15 4:45PM China Southern Airlines Shanghai -> Hanoi via Guangzhou, arrive 10:00PM.

September 30 12:15PM Silkair Phnom Penh -> Singapore, arrive 3:15PM

October 10 9:10AM Sri Lankan Airlines Singapore -> Colombo, arrive 10:20AM

All of this was booked through AirTreks.com with the kind help of Deborah Morales. Total cost for the two of us was $5372. We also added travel insurance at a cost of $402.

Our level of nervousness has gone up considerably. Yesterday morning, Kris said I should lay off the coffee as I was too wired as it was.

Oh. And we got word yesterday that the Orientation in Sri Lanka has been moved back a week, to October 16-17.



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