I feel old…

We are frantically running errands so that we can be out of the house by Friday. We made reservations in the local Super 8 Motel for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Our renter is in a time bind, too. He actually has been “homeless” waiting for us to move out. He roomed with one sister for awhile, spent a couple of weeks with another sister in California, and just got back from two days staying with a friend in Pittsburgh. Last week, his brother brought his belongings from his previous residence in South Carolina. Rather than making him rent a storage unit, we allowed him to store his belongings in our storage unit. To cut down on his motel bills, he will be sleeping in our bedroom starting on Wednesday night. So now the focus of our packing efforts shifts to our clothing, so we can clear the closets to allow him to move in.

I discovered that “General Delivery” still exists. We received word on Friday that the Sri Lankan Ministry of Immigration and Emigration had forwarded their recommendation that the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington, DC issue our entry visas. (Yeah!) I called the Sri Lankan Embassy this morning to answer a few questions about the visa application form and to confirm that they had received the recommendation. They were very  helpful about the application form, but told me that they had not yet received the recommendation from Colombo and told me to check back on Wednesday. This pretty much shoots down the possibility that we can get the entry visas back in our hands before we leave Mount Vernon. That means, I needed to figure out where to tell the SL Embassy where to send our passports once they attached the visas. We could have them send it to one of our friends or relations in California, but I did not really want to wait quite that long since we still have to get our Chinese and Vietnamese visas. So the tentative plan is to send in our visas by Express Mail (or FedEx) with a prepaid Express Mail envelope addressed to General Delivery at some post office along our route. It took me quite awhile on the USPS web site and then finally a call to their customer service number to confirm that the concept of General Delivery was still in existence, though not at every post office. One must check and confirm that the post office you have in mind accepts items for General Delivery. (Fed Ex calls the equivalent service “Hold at Location”. This service, too, is not available at every FedEx office.)

I said I feel old because I just deposited our wills and durable power of attorney for health care into our safe deposit box. We have had a safe deposit box for many years, but mostly because it came free with our checking account. Other than for a brief time during my first sabbatical ten years ago did we actually store anything of value in the box. Kris has (rightly) pushed to “get our affairs in order” before we leave Mount Vernon for the year. So we actually hired a local attorney and created actual wills. We also signed living wills, durable power of attorneys for health care, and power of attorney designations. I just came back from placing these papers in our safe deposit box. As I did so, turning the key to lock the box back into its cold, but snug resting place, I felt a wave of decrepitude sweeping over me. Surely only old people have wills safely tucked away in safe deposit boxes! Oh, yeah. That’s me, old.




  1. Kara LaSota said,

    July 31, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    “Surely only old people have wills safely tucked away in safe deposit boxes!”

    Sorry Tim, you’re wrong: Old, shmold. SMART people have wills (& living wills) safely tucked away in safe deposit boxes (and/or with their attorney).

  2. Tim said,

    August 1, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Well, all I can say is that I’ve long known that having a will was smart, but it is only now that I’m old that I have one!

    Last year I jokingly told a class of students that getting old was no fun and that they should avoid it. After a pause, one of the students said “So, what, I should commit suicide?” And I said, “No. Just find a way to go out in a blaze of glory!”


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