And they’re off!!

Well we are on the road! I am writing from the Hampton Inn off I-74 in Brownsburg, IN, just west of Indianapolis.

This is the result of four tiring days of hard work. Wednesday was the most hectic. We hired two young men with a pickup truck to help with the lifting. They turned out to be perfect. Both play on the line for the East Knox football team. They worked hard all day, more than earning their pay. They took care of the yardwork that needed doing and hauled our tenant’s belongings to our house and our belongings to our storage unit. To top it all off (literally) they re-stacked all of our stored belongings to make room for the Mazda. We also hired a cleaning service that had two women spending all of Tuesday afternoon cleaning the entire house. They also worked nonstop and the results were well worth the cost. In fact, we decided to hire them to clean the house after the tenants move out next August and before we move back in.

I had forgotten the sheer physicality of moving. And the mental exhaustion of sorting virtually all of one’s belongings. Since our tenant was essentially homeless, we let him sleep in our bed starting on Wednesday. Our good friends, the Greenslades, allowed us to stay with them Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Thursday was not as bad as Wednesday, mostly organizational stuff and final errands. A call to the Sri Lankan embassy in Washington, DC yielded the good news that they were ready to process our entry visas. In the end, as we promised, the tenants were able to move in on Friday.

We received much conflicting advice about storing the car. The Mazda dealer suggested the only concern was the tires. If they sat in water they could get dry rot and if they stood on a hard surface they could develop flat spots. So he suggested putting the car on jacks. The owner of a tire store suggested pumping up the tires to 45 psi and driving the car up onto two by six boards. When we came back to the tire store, an employee pumped the tires up to 35 psi and told us to drive the car onto some scrap rug to keep the flat spots from developing. We were just about exhausted at this point and we had some scrap rug available (a story for another time…) so that is what we did. It was quite a feat of precision driving to get the car into the storage unit. Then, I had to get me out of the storage unit. This entailed the ungraceful maneuver of me climbing out the driver’s window. Not a pretty sight.

So by the end of the day on Friday, we were completely out of the house. The only thing left on the checklist was vacating my office at Kenyon so one of the visiting professors would have an office, the submission of the department’s annual report, and the preparation of a box of books and educational materials to be sent to Sri Lanka by diplomatic pouch. This took me from about 9AM to 3PM with an hour for lunch. This explains our departure rather late in the afternoon that ends with us in the Hampton Inn just west of Indianapolis.

Tomorrow, we travel to Decorah, IA, our first sightseeing stop!



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