Sri Lankan visas in hand!

Thanks to the very helpful people in the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington, DC, we now have our passports back in our possession with our Sri Lankan entry visas stamped inside! So, Monday morning we go to the Chinese consulate in San Francisco to obtain our Chinese tourist visas. If that goes fast enough, maybe we can get our Vietnamese tourist visas the same day.

Yesterday, I was given an architectural and sculptural tour of Stanford University. Except for outlying buildings like the medical center, they have retained a harmonious architectural style. The modern buildings are modern, but they harmonize thematically with the original set of core buildings. Scattered thoughout the campus are a wonderful collection of sculpture complete enough to illustrate an entire art history class in modern sculpture. So there are pieces by Rodin, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Maya Lin, and more. It was unfortunate for me that they shut off the fountains in the summer as I am told they are quite beautiful. I was also shown a very large modern sculpture that had been donated to the University and installed prominently at the intersection of two major walking corridors. Everyone hated it, so after some years, it was exiled to an out of the way patch of lawn.

We have moved across the Bay to stay with old friends in Montclair, CA. They are rebuilding their house in Berkeley and we look forward to getting a tour tomorrow followed by an Indian dinner.

Oh. And I put up the pictures of Decorah, IA and Vesterheim at: .



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