Montclair, CA

Not much new today in the way of “business” as we wait for the weekend to be over so we can visit the Chinese consulate on Monday (tomorrow). Montclair, CA is a tony neighborhood of Oakland, CA, up in the foothills above Oakland. We had an outstanding meal in a local restaurant called Italian Colors last night with our friends. I was one of the ten best restaurant meals of my life. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent wine. If there was a downside it was that the restaurant was noisy and we had to talk loudly to be heard. Today, we walked down the hill from the house where we are staying to “downtown” Montclair along an old railroad right-of-way that is now a walking path. The downhill path was lovely as we descended from the cool of the clouds that enveloped the upper hills down into the sunlight. The destination was the farmer’s market in Montclair. We picked up fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and breads for a BBQ cookout tonight. The upward path was not nearly so pleasant. The path is shaded but the weather had turned decidedly warmer and we were carrying groceries. And the path, that had been conveniently angled consistently downhill for our morning hike became irritatingly angled equally consistently uphill on our return to the house.

Here are some photos of Badlands National Park and vicinity: .

And here are photos of Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, and Custer (SD) State Park: .



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