Beijing belly? Mao’s revenge?

Today is Sunday and we are in Xian. The flight from Beijing to Xian is about two hours and we left the airport about 1PM. And then it hit.

I asked to have the car stopped just after we entered the toll road leading from the airport toward Xian. I was reminded why “wretched” is such a descriptive term. The ride into the Xian city center was supposed to take about an hour. During that time, I had to have the car stopped four times, until we hit upon the bright idea of a plastic bag to speed up the trip, because it was pretty clear that more embarrassing eruptions were imminent. Our guide, Eric, did heroic work in running interference in a crowded hotel lobby and got me into our room before Kris had even finished checking in. An hour later, I crawled out of the bathroom to let Kris know that I was pretty sure that I would survive. It turns out that she had to witness the carnage. This bathroom had a normal door used to enter the bathroom, but the wall facing the room was clear glass! I had been so preoccupied that I did not even notice.

I spent a pretty miserable night, but seem to be recovering today. I’ve held down some bread whereas last night I could not even hold down clear water. I insisted that Kris go see the sights today while I got some extra sleep. Hopefully, I will be up to seeing the sights tomorrow as it would be a shame to be the only tourist ever to go to Xian and not see the terra cotta warriors.



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