Good mooooorning, Vietnam!

It  is morning. About 1AM. We just got to our hotel in Hanoi after a long day of travelling from Suzhou. I am also relieved to be outside the great Chinese firewall. I could not directly connect to the blog while in China. During the time that we were in Beijing and Xian, I could use VPN to connect to Kenyon, then tunnel through to the blog. There was nearly zero internet access on the boat as one might expect. But even once we got to the hotel in Suzhou, I could not connect to Kenyon, even to read my mail. So I’m pretty sure the Chinese government was actively interfering with my ability to make any encrypted connection to the net and unencrypted connections to Maybe I should have expected it, but I didn’t really think that they would bother with such low impact communications.

Time for bed. Will try to get caught up later.



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