Natural packaging technology

I see many wonderful things on my daily walks. Here is a photo of an amazing seedpod from some unidentified tree that I found by the side of the road on my walk to work the other day. (I have to admit that before I touched it I prodded it with tip of my umbrella to make sure it was flora, not fauna.)

Seedpod from unidentified tree

Seedpod from unidentified tree

This is yet another example of “Ain’t Nature amazing?” The round disks are the seeds. They resemble 0.9cm (3/16″) thick slices through the center of a small, very dry, green cherry. Then the slices are packed like Mentos into a perfectly cylindrical tube. But Nature went further than the Perfetti Van Melle Corporation in terms of packaging. Each seed occupies its own separate, lined, compartment in the pod.

I just thought this was so cool that I had to share. Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!



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