Avoiding potential misunderstandings (Please read)

This blog does NOT express the views of the United States Government or the Department of State or any organization involved with administering the Fulbright Program. All opinions are strictly those of the author (see About).

I seldom use the names of the people I write about in Sri Lanka. My intention is to help preserve their anonymity. I hope no one thinks that, because I do not include their names, I do not value my interactions with them or appreciate their unique contributions. My only intention is to maintain the anonymity of the new friends and acquaintances in my life.

I love Sri Lanka and am having a wonderful time here. It is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to be able to live for a substantial period of time in a country with a significantly different culture than my own. The Sri Lankans I have met have universally been astonishingly welcoming and helpful. We almost feel we have been adopted into several extended families.

But I am trying to write a reasonably open and honest account of our stay in Sri Lanka. That includes reporting on the negative as well as the positive. It also includes recording my reactions as a Westerner to a different culture. This is not to denigrate Sri Lankan culture, but to examine and understand cultural differences as best I can.

I try to include humor in my postings. I have a pretty dry, ironic sense of humor. There is great danger when reading my writing to confuse my humor with outrageous comments. If you think I have written something offensive, derogatory, or culturally insensitive, please re-read my post to see if I might have been attempting to be funny. It may help to read more than one of my posts to get a feel for my sense of humor and general attitude. If, after re-reading my post, you still feel I have been insensitive, derogatory, or ignorant, please submit a comment and tell me why you think so.  I appreciate the feedback and will respond to all constructive criticism.

Comments to this blog are moderated by me. The first time you post a comment, the comment will not appear until I have approved the comment. Please be patient as I can only approve comments when I have a connection to the internet, and that might mean a delay of a day or two. Once I approve your first comment, the system will allow you to post comments immediately, without approval, after that.



1 Comment

  1. Megan said,

    July 28, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Great blog! I am leaving for Sri Lanka in a few weeks for 2 months to work on my Master’s thesis in preservering traditional food ways through sustainable agriculture and tourism. I’m trying to make a few contacts with other foreigners living in Sri Lanka before I leave. Feel free to e-mail me if you would be willing to chat a little bit about your experiences.


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